Register As A Tutor

EdwinTuition is a Singapore registered tuition agency that helps to match tutors with suitable tutoring jobs, known as tuition assignments, from both parents/students and tuition centres.

There are 3 ways a registered tutor can get tuition assignments from our tuition agency:

  1. Our coordinators see a suitable match between you and the student, and contact you.
  2. Parents/Students select you directly after viewing your public profile .
  3. You apply for individual assignments directly from our  Tution assignments list.

Registering as a tutor with us is absolutely free – there is no registration or administration fee (no hidden fee). We do not force you to take up any tuition assignment. However, for each successful match, we will be collecting your first 2 tutoring weeks’ (50% of first month) tuition fee from the parent/student as commission in order for us to continue with our services for everyone.

Edwin Tuition is well trusted by parents because we go to the extra miles to make sure our tutors are honest, sincere and passionate about tutoring. We also require all registered tutors to submit  soft copies of their IC and certificates/transcripts  before we “release” any tuition assignment to them. We will not recommend any anonymous or disrespectful tutor to our parents/students.

If you are interested in tutoring to help others while earning some income, whether you are a part-time or full-time tutor, you can sign up as a tutor with us. Do note that we have to match both you and the parents/students’ preferences.

Please call 6899 8733 (Alice)  if you have any questions or require any assistance.

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